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Heart Compass

April 1st-28th, 2022

一期一会 // heart compass 


This duo show is a collaboration between Rino & Tomoko Kodama. 

一期一会 (ichi go ichi e) is a Japanese saying that translates to “once in a lifetime”-- a spirit of embracing and treasuring every encounter (even the mundane). Upon creating these ceramic objects, vessels, and floral arrangements, we reflected on the deep knowing that the people gathered in this space, the arrangement of meetings here and the arrangement of flowers, the interactions the flora has with the clay bodies, each impression made on the ceramic, are all temporary, uniquely different, and ephemeral. 


Through creating arrangements together, we treasure these small moments of growth, seeing how a flower cranes its head toward the sun-- remembering that every day, every individual, is an irreplaceable, irreplicable, miracle of constant change.

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