I am an interdisciplinary artist working in ceramics, photography, and painting to visualize internal landscapes of transformation and self actualization through repeated text and imagery. Larger scale ceramic cocoon vessels become an extension of my body, where clay is utilized as a tool to reground myself from experiences of gender dysphoria and dissociation. I examine the various chemical stages of clay, from raw clay to its fired form, as mirroring stages of internal metamorphosis. 

Imagery of genderless figures and text such as my pronouns and affirmations are inscribed and applied to the surface of the vessels through repeated tear like forms in pointilism as a self soothing gesture of repetition. Clay becomes a landscape to reflect on historical ceramic objects of protection and manifestation, and imagine an alternative present or futures, free of binary constrictions.

contact: rinokodama@gmail.com

instagram: @bread.kiln

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